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This site is no longer maintained.
Grid Control (updated 02/17/2000) MicroNova Free source Scrollable Grid Control 1.02 (updated)
ToolTip v1.01 (bugfix 01/10/2000) MicroNova Free source ToolTip for any View
Jim White's IFC Page Jim White     IFC resource page by the official DevEdge IFC champion
Mambo Jim White   source desktop/webtop project
WindowsIFC Natsha Etcode PD source Windows-like controls (ComboBox etc.; requires JDK 1.1).
An enhanced JDK 1.02 version is coming soon
Relation MicroNova Free source Persistent binary relationship
HTTP Packet MicroNova Free source Simple HTTP transfer of Codables
Context Menu MicroNova Free source popup menu with auto-adjustment
Math utilities MicroNova Free source Mathematical utilities (Curve, Equation Solvers, etc.). Updated 12/14/1999
PD=Public Domain, NC=Free for Non-commercial use, SW=Shareware
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