This is a sample spreadsheet-like control implemented using IGridView.

  • Click to select one cell, drag to select multiple cells.
  • Or use keyboard arrows to move or shift-arrows to select multiple cells.
  • Use any other key to start editing. Hit Escape to cancel. Hit Enter/Arrows/Tab/BackTab to finish editing (Arrows etc. continues editing). Values of all the selected cells are changed. Use function keys (like F2) to start editing without changing the content.
  • You can resize cells by dragging in the top/left panes.
  • Under the 'Edit' menu, you can change color, font, and alignment of all the selected cells (color and font simply cycles through a preset set of choices).
  • Under 'Edit', use 'Group' to create a multi-span cell (all the selected cells become a single cell). Use 'Ungroup' to ungroup the cells.
  • Tooltip shows the current cell content.